Dale’s new book, ‘ALL WORK NO PLAY- a surprising guide to feeling more MINDFUL, GRATEFUL, & CHEERFUL’ is now available for purchase worldwide. The #slowchathealth book of the month for May 2021, ALL WORK NO PLAY shows how to use play-based mindfulness to build healthy relationships, improve your mental health, and live a better life. 
Practical and heart-felt (Kyle Wood- Australia) 
A fantastic book that attempts to define play and why it’s so important to our mental health. Full of great stories, expertise, and practical exercises. Recommended for those who want to be more mindful but don’t resonate with things like meditation or yoga. Or people like teachers and presenters who regularly have to work with groups of people who perhaps don’t want to be there.

great read for anyone needing a reality check about ‘all work’ (Sandra King- Australia)

This book was fantastic and so easy to read. It was funny, real, insightful, and made me sit back and reflect on the way I live. I have already recommended this book to many people including lots of my teaching colleagues.

Available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook versions. Click on the link below to order your copy today!