Jugar Life 30 Day Happiness Challenge

To align with our free app and workshops, we offer a 30-day challenge for a one-off purchase. The challenge allows lifetime access to the Jugar Life online course and all future courses. The challenge sets out a daily morning routine, with recommendations for exercise and meditation, a daily activity and play-based game, followed by evening reflection questions focusing on gratitude. In addition, there is community access and support, and unlimited access to a library of resources.

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The 30 day Jugar Life challenge

What you get in the challenge:

Purchase access to Jugar Life

The concept of Jugar Life identifies the direct correlation between creative, spontaneous play and happiness. At Jugar Life, we provide a series of play-based programs for all ages – young and old – in order to re-energise their day, increase focus, and overall experience of happiness.

Jugar Life

30 Day Happiness Challenge
$ 297 Lifetime
  • Lifetime access
  • Day by day mission & happiness challenge
  • Daily play based movement game
  • Online community access and support
  • A chance to invest in your happiness!